Social shopping

Helishopter is a network for social shopping, where you make the best purchases together with the people, stores and brands that you trust. Helishopter is where shopping begins

1. Great for shoppers!

Helishopter is a great place to express yourself through the purchases you make and plan to make in the future. Find inspiration by browsing through people with the best taste and use the people you trust to make sure you don't buy something you shouldn't! What's even cooler though, is that Helishopter only shows you products that are relevant to your interests - from there, simply click on a product and you're redirected to the product. No more googling around for "those white shoes I want" - Helishopter makes shopping simple.

2. Great for stores!

Helishopter isn't just for shoppers though - we're also here to help stores. Helishopter is a great platform for stores to reach new customers. Stores can use the embeddable to engage with customers on a deeper level. If a customer is browsing your online store and interacts with that product via the Helishopter widget, that customer is instantly converted into a "follower" on the Helishopter platform and is a much higher chance of purchasing from your store. Read more about the Store Widget here.

3. Are you a blogger? We can help you with that

Last but not least, Helishopter provides a great service for bloggers who have long struggled with sharing products in an interactive and visually appealing way. Using Helishopter, bloggers can now embed lists/products onto their blogs which gives readers the opportunity to go directly to the purchase page for that particular product, adding both increased functionality to the blog and an increased level of user engagement with the blog. Read more about the Blog Embed here.

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